Religious Education News

Registration packets for 2019-2020 Religious Ed Classes for Pre-School through Eighth Grade are in the Breezeway and available online.

Included in the packet is the Rel. Ed calendar for 2019- 20. Please pick up a packet, fill it out and return on Registration Weekend, Sept 7-8 or drop off at the Parish Office.

Open House for Religious Education will be held between the Masses on Sunday, September 15th . Please take a moment to visit your child’s classroom, meet their Religion Teacher and classroom Aide and enjoy some refreshments.

If you are new we are excited to meet you, if you aren’t, we wish to welcome you back!

Do you have questions about the Catholic faith?  Have you been thinking of joining the Catholic Church?

Have you been away from the Catholic Church and wonder if you could come back?

Regardless of whether you:

  • were never Catholic
  • were raised in a different Christian denomination
  • had no particular faith
  • stopped coming to Mass
  • never finished your sacraments
  • have gotten a divorce
  • had children when you weren’t married
  • or any other life event that you think prevent you from being a Catholic

You (and your family) CAN come home to the Catholic Church. We want you to come home.

Weekly sessions begin Sunday, September 15th following our 11:30 a.m. mass in Room 106. There is NO commitment required as you take the opportunity to explore the Catholic Church through the Inquiry Sessions (September – November).

Please contact Greg Perkowski 517-899-7126, for more information about becoming Catholic or returning to the Catholic Church through our Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).