Parish Happenings

1 day ago

St. Casimir Catholic Parish

Pray for us and especially for those most in need.Blessed Feast of St. Vincent of Saragossa!

St. Vincent was a deacon and from the same Spanish village as St. Lawrence. He was arrested during the Diocletian persecution and tortured on a gridiron. St. Vincent was offered release if he burned Scripture, but he refused, and was martyred circa 304. Legend tells that ravens protected his body from vultures shortly after his death. St. Vincent was interred at a shrine in southwest Portugal, near the Atlantic coast, and ravens continued to guard his shrine for nearly a millenium. In 1173, King Afonso tranferred the remains to the Monastery of São Vicente de Fora in Lisbon where they remain today. (Source: Butler's Lives of the Saints)

St. Vincent of Saragossa, pray for us!



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