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4 hours ago

St. Casimir Catholic Parish

Pray for us and especially for those most in need.Blessed Feast of St. Bernward of Hildesheim!

Bernward came from a Saxon noble family. He was a young child when his parents died and he came under the care of his uncle Volkmar, Bishop of Utrecht, and studied at the cathedral school at Heidelberg. He became very proficient in mathematics, painting, architecture. He completed his studies at Mainz, where he was ordained priest by Archbishop Willigis, Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire. He declined a valuable preferment in the diocese of his uncle, Bishop Volkmar, and chose to remain with his grandfather, Athelbero, to comfort him in his old age. Upon the death of the latter, in 987, he became chaplain at the imperial court and tutor to her Prince Otto III.

Bernward built fortifications around Hildesheim to protect from invading Normans and Slavs. He died in 1022, a few weeks after the consecration of the magnificent church of St. Michael, which he had built. Bernward was canonized by Pope Celestine III. (Source: The Catholic Encyclopedia)

St. Bernward of Hildesheim, pray for us!



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