St. Casimir Catholic Parish

Lansing, Michigan


St. Casimir Parish Memories

Deacon Chung

Deacon John Fitch

Deacon Al Turkovich

Deacon Ron Henderson

Msgr. Bernard Reilly


From Fr. Bill

It’s hard to comprehend 99+ years of parish life and being almost ¼ of a part of that life. My 25 years here have been amazing, at times overwhelming, joy-filled and sorrow-filled at times. I remember being a newly ordained priest and walking into the sanctuary the first time, way back in July of 1989. Words cannot accurately describe the feeling that day. But I was welcomed with many, many open arms.

When I returned as you pastor in 1997, I think my words were from an account of a Yogi Berra quote, “wow deja vu all over again”. Once again, I was welcomed with open hearts and arms.

I hope that my homilies helped you grow closer to Christ and to one another. I know some of them upset you very much (for that I am truly sorry). I always tried to preach and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and make his words relevant today. I never turned down a funeral or a trip to the hospital and tried to be as “present” to you as possible. With the Holy Spirit to guide me, your prayers and love to strengthen me and many, many great staff members, volunteers and parishioners along the way we have made St. Casimir a beacon of light for many in the city of Lansing and surrounding areas.

Corn Roasts, Card Parties, 8th Grade Graduations, The School, Easter Vigils (where is that damned cross anyway?), Christmas Eves, to everyday masses in Ordinary Time you have been faithful and loving friends. I hope and pray that as I am helping out my brother priests throughout the diocese we may occasionally “break bread” together in the name of the Lord.

Find a parish, volunteer, be an ACTIVE member of the Body of Christ. I will always be here if you need me.

My final heartfelt words…”YOU PRAY FOR ME….I’LL PRAY FOR you!!!

Fr. Bill Lugger