Outreach Ministries


Evangelization Ministry

The Evangelization Ministry currently consists of five (5) parishioners and would love more members of the parish to join us. Our ministry continues its “tabletop” evangelization activities (sharing information about the Catholic faith) at Second Sunday meals each month. If guests approach our table, we offer them a rosary, prayer card, medal, and information about our faith and the parish. We try to engage them in some conversation about their faith life and how things are going. Some are eager to share, perhaps, just because they have someone with whom the can talk. Often, we have someone who says they are truly in need of prayer. We offer to pray for them or with them, right then, if they’d like. Most ask for an on-the-spot prayer and express their gratitude for that type of fellowship.

Contact Sandy Enness at sandraenness@gmail.com for information about becoming a member of the team or tagging along to see how we evangelize to our sisters and brothers at Second Sunday meals, Lansing Area Food Pantry stops at St. Casimir, and during the annual Corn Roast.

Faith in Action

Volunteers participate in various service activities, including preparation and distribution of Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas food baskets. Also, collection of school clothes and supplies for children in need. Any parishioner who is willing to donate some time and/or talent to help others with physical or spiritual needs is welcome.

Holy Family Second Sunday and Advent House Meals
Contact DeKeea Davis at 482-1346

Homebound Ministry

Volunteers visit and/or take communion to the sick and elderly of the parish who are unable to attend mass. Training is provided.

Hospital Ministry

Volunteers visit and/or take communion to parishioners in area hospitals who are unable to attend mass. Training is provided.

St. Vincent De Paul

Any parishioner 18 years or older is welcome to be involved in the work of the society which assists in the relief of the poor and needy and visits the sick and shut-ins..