St. Casimir Catholic Parish

Lansing, Michigan

Evangelization Ministry

St. Casimir Evangelization Ministry


“The Church exists to evangelize” – Pope Paul VI


The St. Casimir “Tabletop” Evangelization Team is a ministry of presence. It’s much more than a card table, some rosaries, and pamphlets. While many of our conversations involve planting a seed about faith, or letting a person know that they are loved by God, or praying with them to have a better day, our work goes deeper than we could have ever imagined.

We are a part of the national, St. Paul Street Evangelization ministry, but we do our “tabletop” evangelization right here at the parish – at Second Sunday meals, when the Lansing Area Mobile Food Pantry uses the HFC for food distribution, and during the annual parish corn roast.


The evangelization process we use is rather simple. We set up our table of religious goods (rosaries, medals, prayer cards), Catholic faith info, and parish info, and then we wait for the chance to talk with someone about our faith.

When people visit our table, we welcome them with a smile and an offer of items and information about our faith and parish. Many people are happy to receive a necklace with a crucifix or Guardian Angel medal. Others take up our offer of a rosary and a guide on how to pray it. Some remember having a rosary and its’ beautiful prayers from their past. A few visitors would like a little time to just chat with someone, and others ask for needed prayers.

Some people are looking for information about our parish or information about our Catholic faith. Some have decided they just want to COME HOME to the Church – so we explain how that can happen by simply connecting them to our parish leaders and our religious education office.


Though we live in a very “connected” world, we also live in a world filled with isolation and loneliness. Our evangelization team wants to build a bridge of trust from those to whom we evangelize to a life of being a disciple of Christ at St. Casimir parish.

Contact St. Casimir Evangelization Team co-leaders Sandy Enness ( or Ron Seymour ( to ask questions about this ministry, ask to observe how Catholic evangelization works by observing us at one of the upcoming events, or to join the team. We will walk with you as you find your place in this ministry.

It’s lifting every time you hear the words: “God put you here for me today!” from someone we just prayed with or shown how they can COME HOME to the Catholic Church. Pray and Join Us!


Our upcoming schedule includes:

The Evangelization Ministry is now meeting monthly (2nd Wednesday of Month from 6:30 – 8:00 pm in Room 108). Our time together is for scripture, prayer, and planning for upcoming evangelization opportunities.

Upcoming opportunities include:

August 11th Second Sunday Meal
August 14th Evangelization Ministry Meeting

September 8 Second Sunday Meal
September 11 Evangelization Ministry Meeting
September 21 Lansing Area Mobile Food Pantry

October 9 Evangelization Ministry Meeting
October 13 Second Sunday Meal
Oct ?? – Truck or Treat Activity

November 10 Second Sunday Meal
November 13 Evangelization Ministry Meeting

December 8 Second Sunday Meal