Join Our Parish


Becoming a member of our faith community is as easy as completing our parish registration form and contacting the parish office at 517-482-1346. Please take a moment to introduce yourself (and your family) to our pastor, Fr. Bill Lugger, after Mass and as you settle in to our parish community.

We’re glad you’ve joined us!

Additionally, the Catholic Church welcomes new members through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). If you have been thinking about becoming Catholic, or if you know of a friend or family members who may be interested in becoming Catholic, please contact the parish office.

The RCIA process is designed so that individuals can experience the church through worship, prayer, scripture, and faith sharing. It is designed for adults (and children ages 7 and older) who:

Have never been baptized in any faith

Have been baptized in another faith denomination and wish to continue their life’s faith journey as Catholic

Have been baptized Catholic, but, for various reasons, have not been brought up in the Catholic faith and are in need of completing the Sacraments of the Church

Regardless of your needs, we are so happy you’ve chosen to worship with us and become a member of our faith community!